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    Default V1 owns Laser.........again

    I was traveling west on I-10 near the Mississippi Louisiana Border. As I entered the city of Slidell, I got the dreaded "scare the life out of me" laser alert.

    It lasted for a fraction of a second, I slow IMMEDIATELY.......

    I see nothing............... for a solid mile........ then it hits me again, for about 1.5 seconds this time. I am of course at PSL due to the first alert.

    I see the LEO, hidden behind a broken down Big Rig, standing outside the patrol car... shooting Laser... about 800 ft ahead. (ironically, without an alert, he would have not been noticed until point blank distance - but thats why we have RD's)

    I got a full mile laser warning -first alert........ the second alert, any RD would have picked up, but that one was the death shot. Sniffing out a fraction of a stray laser signal at a mile is amazing.... I slowed from 15mph over down to the PSL instantly and long before I was in danger.

    The only hope we have, short of a jammer, is the ability to sniff out the extremely narrow beam at maximum distances....V1...... king of laser.


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    Hmmmm, I am a bit skeptical of this, but besides putting in reservations on the over a mile away getting a scatter alert (through what I will assume was some traffic).... I shall say: The V1 does have amazing laser detection, though I have never experienced anything to any extent near a 1+mile alert through traffic via scatter.

    With that said stars do align sometimes, and I am glad you're ticket free.

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    1 mile laser alert will be a first....

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    I can shoot a laser gun through my windshield at another car and not make my V1 alert.

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    Default V1 laser king

    Quote Originally Posted by djrams80
    I can shoot a laser gun through my windshield at another car and not make my V1 alert.
    That makes perfect sense. The narrow beam fired away from the location of the V1 should not trigger the V1. However, if you are saying that you "never" hit an object that reflects back to the V1, then your V1 may need service.

    Maybe the stars did align, but a laser signal is small and concentrated, there is NO reason that the direct pulse and/or its scatter could not survive 4000-5000 ft (or more) on a straight flat highway. If you do not agree with this statement, please explain why it would be incorrect.

    I have used many detectors, I will not hype any one of them. It serves no purpose. My experiences with the V1 have ranged from "not worth mentioning" to "amazing". Most fall into the first category, but the few amazing are worth note.

    On another topic, I am about to ask on a new thread about ZR4 jammer purchase by V1 owners...

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    I mean, the possibilities are:

    (1) The OP is hyping (unlikely)

    (2) The V1 did manage to get a mile of laser scatter (maybe possible)

    (3) The laser alerts coincided with some laser cruise control system, or another cop shooting from a less obvious location (most likely)

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    Default V1 owns laser.........again

    Aside from the super range on the laser detection, there was another great highlight..... about 20 seconds after passing the LEO, It absolutely poured rain....... the bottom fell out.. .... can you say "wet willie"



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