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    Default First save a scary one

    Well so you guys will have to tell me if it is true or not. Are first saves like first loves.... You don't forget them???

    Mine happened today. I was driving home and pushing it on the highway. I have a V1 hard wired with a Speed Cheetah mirror and an Antilaser G8 jammer. The jammer has been a finicky pain in the butt from day 1, a combination of a hack job installation which I paid a "Pro" for and maybe to some extent the nature of the beast. Instead of using the brackets provided the installer used double sided tape for the sensors and they are forever coming loose which causes the thing to false read incessantly. I think they are overly sensitive to begin with. Mine does not like the rain does not like the fog does not like just about anything.

    So I turned the thing off once again with the key fob remote that comes with the Cheetah wireless fitting kit. Turning the jammer off really galls me no end!! Just as I came over a hill frankly driving much faster than I should have been, bang, the laser alert goes off on the V1. Fortunately as soon as I got the first alert I was already on the brakes modulating my speed down to a reasonable level. Since I have a tinted lens over my license plate and tinted covers on my headlights. I just think it made it a tiny bit harder for the guy to get a reading on me as I was slowing down.

    SAVED.... completely and totally by the V1. I was really pushing it down the road so I was dead meat. I was in that totally exposed position as well. You know the one. You are the first car over the crest of the hill and you feel like an idiot with your pants down around your ankles. My car has a complete exhaust modification including headers. big fat tires and all sorts of stuff that is not gaudy but the car looks and sounds like it means business and I was just ballin' down the highway. Without the V1 I am positive I would have been a split second too late on the binders and he would have had a good reading on me at an ugly ugly number.

    Thank you thank you thank you Mr V. Your device just paid for itself today.

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    Default Re: First save a scary one

    lol awesome save, but let this be a lesson to you!! always have a rabbit handy!! i like driving fast sometimes too, do it in a place you know is relatively safe :P

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    Damn that was a good ass save. I've only been hit with a LASER Alert 2x but I was going about 10mph the speed limit on busy Highways. So I was never really in serious danger of getting clocked.
    Quote Originally Posted by dragonzsoul
    but let this be a lesson to you!! always have a rabbit handy!!
    Take this into consideration next time. Oh make sure you fix your Jammers fust in case they hit you with LASER again.



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