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    Default v3.864 - difference between A (Xband) and (Euro X Band)

    I've got my new V1.

    I already have a 3.862.

    The option is new in the version 3.864.

    What is the difference between option A (Xband) and (Euro X Band) for an european user?

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    I believe it's different X-Band frequencies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cips
    I believe it's different X-Band frequencies.
    I asked the same question to Valentine Research.
    They told me that X-band in EURO-mode (rev 3.864 and up) is "normal" X-10.525GHz +/-40MHz ,same as in "A" mode and not EURO-X-9.410GHz (that's Multanova 4 freq.-not used anymore) and EURO-X-9.900GHz (that's Mesta 206 freq. -not used anymore) or EURO-SUPER-X-10.600GHz (old Swiss radars -also not used anymore)



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