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    Default My mute button doesn't work, incorrect wiring...

    I have a v1 in my car, but I was so anxious to install it I bought the hardwire kit for the passport radars. It works fine, I've had it installed for over a year, but the mute button has never worked on the v1, or the seperate unit in my car. If you guys know how to fix this, maybe I have to switch a wire with the mute wire, let me know. I'll post pics later of what I have.

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    The SmartCords from Bel/Escort only work to power the V1. They do not let you mute with them or change any of the programming options.

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    well I looked at it and it has 4 wires like the valentine, and the outer 2 are left empty. Do you know of any combinations of cutting/switching the wires around that would enable this to work, or is it completely impossible?

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    stop screwin' around w/ it <before you fry something>....
    buy the right kit !

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    just keep it in A mode and forget it.. there is not really a significant difference in all 3 modes

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    it's in L mode, has been since I got it

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    what would possibly make you think an accessory for a passport unit would work on a valentine unit??

    Did you like sticking forks into electrical outlets as a kid??

    Are you the type of person that gets a ford part to think about putting it into a chevrolet???


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    Quote Originally Posted by Switchback
    Did you like sticking forks into electrical outlets as a kid??
    That brings up a funny but true story...

    Back in 1969 (I was five) me and my younger brother were pretending that we were astronauts. The previous Christmas our grandmother had sent us umbrellas as Christmas presents. One day, while "flying" our imaginary rocket ship to the moon, my mother caught us in the guest room with the tips of our umbrellas stuck into the ground sockets of two electrical outlets. The umbrellas, you see, were our control sticks. My mother almost had a heart attack upon seeing us two boys "hooked up" via the metal umbrellas into the electrical outlets! I will never forget the expression on my mom's face when she took those umbrellas and busted each one across her knee and then threw them into the trash. Needless to say, me and my brother didn't have a clue as to what we had done wrong and were mostly just standing there in shock.



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