so today i'm dropping my friend off at her school. i know the area pretty well, and know that there aren't supposed to be many stray K-band signals. as soon as i turn on the street, V1 goes off. i ignore it, since it's noisy :P but i keep an eye on it. what i see is K-band going full strength and disappearing.. uh-oh, I/O anyone? i drop my speed a bit just to be on the safe side, and sure enough i see a bike cop sitting on the side. then i see another one heading in the opposite direction.. looks like V1 saved me from a cop's nest.

i wasn't really speeding, but it was a school zone. cops probably would've been looking for any excuse. and what's sorta messed up is that it's not the end of the month yet.. after turning out of the parking lot, and stopping 3 seconds for the cop that's hiding in the shady bushes. i hear his bike start and think "oh crap.." sure enough, he pulls me over. no front plate ticket =( but i hate how my front plate looks on my car. $10 down the drain.

the moral of the story is know your area well this way you won't be caught with your pants down lol!