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    Default GOod news about the J

    I found a KA sign in the city a little to the north of me, and decided to test the J alert with a real KA band threat, along with a real junk detector.

    I tuned the osculator of my RD tester where right when I would push the KA button the v1 would alert and immediatly J it out. This was going to simulate the junky detector the v1 would pick up.

    I went by the sign,and at first the v1 J'ed it out. Real bummer, but when I came by again, it didnt J it out. I sat right in front of the sign for about 30 seconds while it was at max KA, and then I pulled out my RD tester.

    I fired it, and it J'ed out my RD tester, but continued alerting to the KA sign.

    I think this may put some fears of a real KA threat while a junk detector is around, thus J'ing out the threat.

    Dont know how VR did it, but they did it well

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    As for how they did it, they track multiple bogeys as it is, so I guess they can identify which bogey is junk and which one isn't.

    I guess that means you got your V1 back, all tuned up and upgraded, right? Any changes in performance, ie falsing?

    I've never seen a speed sign on Ka before. They're all K around here.
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    Now if we can only figure out why it J'ed out the first time and not the second. :?:



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