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    Default Power Cord Remodel

    Hello Everyone,

    All of my power cords that I had so wonderfully set have all "broken" in the sense that the slightest movement will cause the V1 to reset and sometimes it will cause like 4-6 really fast reboots if it is constantly moved. I have 4 cords that have been affected (rebooting if moved slightly) and have since removed everything (V1, cords, remote adapter, concealed display, cigarette adapter) since all the cords have to be tossed.

    My set-up was like this: 1 power cord from cigarette adapter to remote audio adapter. Another cord from remote audio to a line extension module. Another cord from the module to the V1. And finally one cord from the accessory port on the cigarette adapter to the concealed display. I had the cigarette adapter in the front of the car.

    What I am considering is getting one long cord (perhaps 10 - 15') to go from the available cigarette socket in the trunk and run it from that all the way to the remote audio adapter. Then another 10 - 15' from that to the V1 so that I do not have this problem in the future. And then another long cord (perhaps only 10') for the concealed display since I had it placed in the instrument panel cluster (in front of the odometer).

    My question is this would it be better to have 3 long cords (two for the V1 and 1 for the concealed display). Or have a series of smaller cords connected together by line extender modules so that I could just replace one small instead of one great big one?

    My thinking for having the long ones is that I won't have to hide the line extension modules and that nothing can loosen the ends of the phone cords like now. It would be a much better set up because the wires would be completely hidden as they were previously (except for the concealed display that is). The added bonus is not even the cigarette adapter would be visible. I might consider losing the concealed display and putting it somewhere else that is more "concealed" from prying eyes.

    What do you guys and gals use for your V1 set ups as far as the cords are concerned?



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    Wow you are changing whole cords?
    Just get an RJ11 splicer and a packet of RJ11 connectors.
    I change my RJ11 clip when it gets weak NOT THE WHOLE CORD!
    It is just as strong as a factory new cord as far as I am concerned as you can pull on it and it will not come off.

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    I'd do what V1Dave is suggesting. If not, then get long cords, not a series of short ones. With short ones there's more to go wrong.



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