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Thread: Great V1 Range

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    Default Great V1 Range

    I was almost ready to send my V1 in for service until today. My last few encounters were disappointing, but I believe the short alert range was an off axis issue. Today coming home from a Sunday drive with the family I received a short Ka alert as we were coming around a curve. We were behind a truck pulling a boat in a very rural area. When we rounded the curve the Ka came back this time with 3 bars and shortly after a full alert then nothing. We didn't need it though I could see by the blue light in the distance he already had a customer. By my odometer we received the first alert 1.7 miles away.

    There were 2 state troopers with one car pulled. About a quarter mile past them I got another short full Ka alert from the rear, so obviously they were running IO and his buddy was looking for a customer.

    Maybe my 5 month old V1 is just fine

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    Sounds like a great save, I just had one yesterday driving out to my girlfriends house. I came up behind a Sheriff who was on my side 300yds ahead of me shooting C/O Ka away from me when I got him. V1 ramped up gradualy as I came closer and obviously as I passed beeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Heard him for about a mile until I passed the crest of a hill. Love this little thing!!!

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    the V1 is definetly the best way to go for radar me and my fried caught a C/O about 2.3 miles away that saved us

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    I had a few short Ka alerts a few weeks ago, sent it in and nothing was wrong with it.



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