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    Default Triple-K bogey over the hill today...

    Coming home from a shopping trip, I noticed that coming up on one of my familiar K false locations, I was getting 2 bogeys and strength 3 (usually it's 1 bogey strength 1). Given my experience with the V1's alerting consistency, I immediately became alert. Then, I saw a cruiser top a big hill 2 blocks away and BAM instantly the V1 shot up to full strength. THIS is why you don't want to speed around hills -- the V1 was sensitive enough to give early warning even over this steep hill, but the distance was still too close for comfort.

    As I met the oncoming officer halfway, the bogey counter went off again to 3 bogeys. I thought "great... 3.863 ghosts on K too??", but as the cruiser passed, both front and back arrows were lit. I was unaware of any K-band bogeys in this area ahead, so I stayed carefully at the limit (just transitioned from 50 to 35), pissing off the CTS-V behind me to the point that he passed me over solid double-yellow.

    It was just a speed sign shortly over the hill, but nonetheless another chilling demonstration of how deadly over-the-hill radar can be.

    All in all, a great day for the V1

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    Very nice very nice, leave it to the ignorant spoiled rabbits to occupy the



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