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    Default interesting mount idea

    OK, this idea just came to me today. Think about the visor mount, it works great with only one problem. You have to actually move the visor down to get the v1 level. I was thinking that v1 could add some kind of ratcheting / pivot system in the visor mount to allow you to move the v1 itself down and up to make it level while the metal clip that actually holds it on the visor stays with the visor in its original place. This would not only allow you to mount it on the visor with out having to actually move the visor itself but you could also slip it under the head liner above the mirror and adjust the v1 to its sits horizontal.

    So what do you guys think of this......?

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    Sounds like it would work, I'm still baffled on why VR wont make a RVM mount with a wire cover for hardwire.



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