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    Default Recommended Settings?

    I tried a search, but the links from the threads in the search did not work.

    Can someone point me in the direction of some good reading material since I am sure its been asked before?

    Or alternatively, comment on the settings I just used (I'll be traveling all over the northeast from NJ to ME, but I live in MA, I have software version 3.826) :

    1 x band off
    2 k band on
    3 ka band on
    4 laser on

    5 normal (is there any benefit to going more responsive?)
    6 guard on
    7 down b thru g enabled

    8 control lever
    A control knob

    followed auto K mute instructions from stickied thread, however when scrolling to "b" it would only show it for 1 second before skipping to "C", so it had to be left at default.

    b up
    C up
    d up

    E up
    F up
    G down

    H ku off up

    J down pop off
    u up euro off
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    Turn X band on for NJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyinZX-10R View Post
    Turn X band on for NJ.
    Sorry, but they do use it, ask any NJ native here.

    And no, there is no range advantage. The sound is just more willing to go to full alert. It actually makes it harder to estimate where the cop is. The only reason for doing this is if you are REALLY paranoid, or have something obstructing the view of the detector.
    I'd leave it off.



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