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    Default 3.789 anygood??

    i've just been looking at a V1 after finally deciding i have been ripped off on ebay and am never going to get what i payed for!! anyway this one i'm looking at has 3.789 on it it seems a reasonable price so far but what sort of age would this be and more importantly what is the detection range like on it?

    what im trying to get at is, how much has the 3.813 come on since 3.789 and is 3.789 any good if i do get it. i could allways send it in to VR for a tune up and upgrade but from what i've seen on there website they dont post out to the UK but is that only there brand new units?

    from running a serial no check; radar circuitry know as v.18 - best performer on laser and radar but it hasnt got pop or euro mode which im not too fussed about anyway.
    All opinions welcome.
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