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    Default Add a Circuit for Hardwire?

    I was thinking of hardwiring a V1 to my Golf and I recently found out that the V1 comes with its own hardwire kit. Would I still need to pick up an add a circuit or would it just be redundant? Or would it perhaps make the hardwiring even easier?

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    The V1 hardwire I believe comes with a "Wiring Harness Connector" also known as the 3M connector which you can clamp onto an existing wire in your fusebox. Using this you can splice an additional circuit from whatever power source you want (like the radio, light etc.) Add a circuit is nice because you don't have to splice one from your vehicle's original wiring, you can rather use it as its own dedicated circuit just for your detector, so if something goes wrong, you don't take out your radio or steering along with your radar detector.

    I made a video about installing a radar detector using the Add a Circuit. You can check it down in my sig for more details.
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    I went straight to the battery. You can turn it off and on whenever you want.



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