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Thread: Competition

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    Default Competition

    I wanted to tie this into the end of this threadÖ

    is mike v a member on here

    But I felt it was getting off topic.

    So Iíll start a new one, Competition,

    Well if VR wants to stay competitive stealth is definitely one way of several ways they will have to go. Here is what their competition has in the public domain.

    It looks to me that Escort has ďPatent-Of-The-DayĒ rightsÖ Today!

    7,388,537 Radar detector with reduced emissions

    The patent is dated today, 06/17/2008.

    They are definitely serious on minimizing emissions.

    With Escortís stronger detection values it will be interesting to watch the running.

    Competition is healthy!!


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    Cool! That should fill in some blanks, and give people a good idea of how the STi might operate....

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    Ok so to clear this up for me, escort is working on making a RD that is undetectable by RDD's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSalad View Post
    Ok so to clear this up for me, escort is working on making a RD that is undetectable by RDD's?
    They already have three of them, 9500ci, STi-R and STi. This is the patent for these I assume.

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    Not quite on topic but since I suffer from hyper competitive-syndrome I've thought a "stealthiest" competition wouldn't be bad idea.

    My thinking was an "obstacle course of such. Undisclosed speedtraps you have to get through using counter measures (or your eyes) and your progress could be measured by registered speed per posted limit.

    Or you could just drive cross country as fast as possible aka Alex Roy.
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    Iím glad that Escort is headed, and in cases already there, for a stealth future.

    What concerns me is VRís patents are out in three years, yes everybody has free reign.

    Unless Mike V has the next level to jump to, as mentioned in another thread he may see, selling, merging, etc., as the most viable way of a business plan.

    And now for competition.

    Would we be at this point of technology if there wasnít a strong competition between Belscort and VR? Out of the two top dogs take VR out and itís just Belscort. Great guys Iím sure and I have used there products. Would the competition from the LEOís arsenal be enough to really keep them motivated? Consider, where else would you have to go for a high end competitive product? Reverse the situation, would VR be as pressed to take us to the next level if Belscort wasnít there? And the incentive for a quality service department for repair or upgrades to your products?

    I hope the competition continues, it offers additional features for us all. Marketing promises are great if you need to be put under the ether, but what we can put on the visor that really fulfills the need is where itís at, IMHO. Should be interesting to watch it play out.


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    even if escort were to make a replica like the v1 it would be very hard to be as good as Mike V's

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    Wait, the direction patent is done in 3 years?

    Will that mean that any company can make one with directional indicators like the V1? Whistler

    That would be awsome!
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    Yeah Hockey005, Mikeís put a lot into V1 and the product shows it. I really appreciate the definitive audio cues, one really has a grip on what band(s), how many bogeys, signal strength, whether the alert turns out to be a ďJí (junk!!) or the real deal! I base all my initial reactions on the audio for immediate threat deterrent and only afterwards the arrows come into play.

    With the proliferation of digital same lane tracking the LEO can tag you as you come up from behind the unmarked patrol vehicle, or as the LEO slowly gains proximity from your tail. With the arrows and signal strength you can tell where LEO is and whether he is firing at you or in the other direction. It has saved me in my NC / SC travels way too many times, LOL!!

    As far as appearances, it maybe going on 15 / 20 years old, but I really like the layout, very intuitive. Always can have something sleeker, but for me it looks like an engineer has carefully thought it out!


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    Competition is always a good thing and I would hate to see either Bel of VR go away. Less competition would more likely result in stagnation and even higher prices if anything.




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