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    Hey everybody, Iam new to this forum, but not new to radardetectors. After reading for a couple of weeks here I have decide and ordered a v1, and I want to thank all of you for a great forum that you guys have here.

    My first question is do I need to know anything about the v1, my main theart here is ka band, I live in IL. The roads are more curving and hilly, where I live is in the burbs.

    As you might notice I have already started to call myself a v1 zombie, way before I even got my V1

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    Welcome to the Forum! I think you made a good choice.

    First off are you driving in an Urban or Rural environment.

    If Rural; big L mode and you are golden.

    If Urban: turn POP off. This will reduce your Ka falses.
    (with the on button in the off position depress and turn on for 3 seconds. Push the button repeatedly until you see J and push again and hold until you see the down arrow. This turns POP off. I hope I remembered that right)

    I would suggest spending at least two weeks with the V1 driving at posted limits. Get familiar with the audible alerts and local "falses" then start looking for band IDs on local LEOs. You said your main threat is Ka. The V1 is dominant in Ka detection. You should be very happy.
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