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Thread: Upgrade or not

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    Default Upgrade or not

    Hi all...1st post. I have a V1.7 2.695 (Stop laughing) that I ve had for 10 years. Yes its a tank compared to todays smaller models. It still serves me well though. Never had it 'tuned up' whatever that means. Should I upgrade or not. Was concerned about ghosting issues that I ve read about on this site on newer models. I do mostly town driving, occasional highway driving. According to the V1 web site "While this version is not quite up to todayís V1 standard for Ka, itís almost always good enough, and always better than detectors from other makers. X and K performance is excellent. Upgrading merely to improve radar performance is not cost effective" Any thoughts?

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    I would upgrade for sure. At least send it in for a tune just to make sure the sensitivity is up to par like the day you bought it. The tune is $45.

    The upgrade is a great idea mostly because of the increased use of Ka band by officers. The newer models are superior in detecting this band. They pick up all the bands of Ka much better than the old ones do.

    Also, there are other little features that are nice to have. The biggest one for me is the "digital temperature compensation". This means that if your V1 gets hot, it won't get fried. It makes internal adjustments to compensate for the higher temp.

    They should quote you a price on the site, but it is worth it. Like I said, AT LEAST get the $45 tune.

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    I just upgraded from 1.8 ver 3819 with some ghosting to
    1.8 ver 3864 about a week and a half ago.
    So far havenít had any ghosting. Some of the guys on the site have had ghosting with this ver, 3864, so I donít whether VR changed some software or firmware or if Iíve just been lucky.
    Iíve run the V1 past a couple K fixed pole speed signs, no problems.
    Also, two k speed traps, cruised by several times for each, with and without traffic, no problems. I meant to call Pete or one of the guys at VR but got busy today. I wanted to see if they tweaked anything recently.
    As always, YMMV.


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    It depends on what radar is used where you drive. If 35.5 is used, you should probably get the upgrade. If not the upgrade is not necessary IMHO.

    If laser is not used where you drive, keep the 1.7. The 1.8 will false more on laser because it is so sensitive and if laser is not used you do not need the extra laser sensitivity.

    I have a 1.7 and a 1.8 and am very happy with both of them. The 1.8 is considerably better on 35.5 Ka though. Otherwise they are very close.

    BTW, when I've sent my 1.7 in for a tuneup there was no charge.




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