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    I just bought myself a V1, and so far I encounter only one leo running constant on ka band, and the range was descent. I really was struggling on which to get between the 9500i or a v1, but I chose the v1, hope its a good chioce that I made.

    Quick question I had an x50 before this and I had mounted it above and behind the tint strip, without the range being decrease, and I didnt really care about laser, but with the v1 being the only one with a good chance of getting saved with the laser, dont now if I should mount it behind the tint, any suggestions

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    My 9500i and STi both have picked up laser scatter from other vehicles. I mount either RD just at the bottom edge of my windshield's tint strip. Indeed, the slight shading from overhead sunlight seems to allow the laser sensors in my RDs to perform better. Yet this is just what seems to work best for me.

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    i am 3/3 with picking up laser scatter with my STi mounted high...but u can mount the v1 anywhere and it will pick laser scatter up

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    If the tint is not too dark it will have minimal impact on laser detection. See Mike Valentines take on this. Read the third paragraph in the answer to the first question.




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