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Thread: NH bands

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    Default NH bands

    just wondering what band they use around NH
    like around dover, somerworth, rochester area
    if anyone live there let me know


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    Amherst: K, Ka [35.5]
    Auburn: K, Ka
    Bedford: K, Ka[35.5], Laser(unconfirmed)
    Brentwood: K (Decatur), may be getting a Charger soon
    Candia: Ka
    Charlestown: K (updated 05/20/2008)
    Claremont: K (updated 05/20/2008)
    Concord: K, Ka[35.5]
    Derry: K, Ka [35.5 Talon II]
    Dover: K
    Durham: K, Ka
    Epping: Ka (35.5)
    Fremont: Ka
    Greenfield: K
    Hampton: K
    Hollis: K, Ka
    Hopkinton: K
    Hudson: K, Ka
    Keene: Ka (updated 05/20/2008)
    Lee: Ka 35.5, plus a K band speed sign
    Londonderry: K
    Madbury: Ka 35.5 (updated 04/29/2008)
    Manchester: K [Kustom], Ka[35.5 Decatur], Laser [PL III] - also a pole-mounted K-band speed sign has been installed on Queen City Ave. westbound near the 7-11. At present the sign isn't displaying speeds, but it could be used for data collection. (updated 05/23/2008)
    Mason: K
    Merrimack: K, Laser
    Nashua: K
    Newport: K (updated 05/20/2008)
    Pelham: K [Decatur?], Ka
    Plaistow: Ka [Talon]
    Portsmouth: Ka[35.5]
    Raymond: Ka
    Salem: K, Ka [Decatur]
    State Troopers: Ka [Stalker], K [Decatur], Laser [PL II/III], also have some new marked Chargers
    Weare: K
    Windham: K, Ka

    New Hampshire - Pro Laser III, LTI Ultralyte



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