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    Default where is most of your v1 mounted

    just trying to get opinions

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    "Most" of it is mounted down low - on the dash velcroed to a sticky pad, but the rest of it (the wires and the cigarette lighter adapter is mounted even lower - that is it dangles down and is plugged into the console - but "most" of it higher. The other parts (like the original mounts and the remote are still in the bos in my cellar.

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    my V1 is mounted high but up in the corner of my windscreen (drivers side on right here) behind a plastic tint i bought specifically to hide it behind. if i pull down the visor, it cannot be seen from inside or outside the car which is vital as RDs are illegal here

    my concealed display is a colour coded one and sits on my steering column on velcro so i can remove it fast if i need to keep it out of sight.

    heres my kill switch mounted low by where my left knee is when im driving

    heres a view from outside the car. cant see it? good. thats how i need it



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