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    Default Amazing hit tonight!!!

    Ok you really have to have been there to believe it. Let me tell you first off that I have a small car not a truck or anything.

    I was driving north on Interstate 127 doing about 75mph. Just as I crested a hill I got a 1 dot K hit. I was like ok cool, then as I hit the top of the next hill I got a 3 dot k hit.

    As I kept driving I did not get anymore hits. I was like, ok kinda funny but maybe the cop was on a side road or something. (Just so you know along the side of this interstate there is road about 100 feet to the side that runs north/south right along with the interstate).

    After driving for about 5 minutes I noticed that there was a car driving on this side road pretty fast, I would say about 65, because I was not really passing him like I do with everyone else ( speed limit on this road is 55mph ). This draws my attention and I look over its a county cop/sheriff. The V1 is completely quiet.

    I keep driving and i pass him, but I keep an eye on him in the rear view. Just them a car comes along that road in the opposite direction traveling towards the cop, just as I see the car I get a full blast of K band from the rear. The cop was running I/O K band.

    Its unbelievable that I got a 2.4 mile K hit reflection off of another car. And if anyone knows about the highways in Michigan they are not flat, there are hills and lots of curves. I got to say, the V1 is the best detector available, period.

    Picture included for reference, you cannot see this road running along the highway from this picture, but its there. The cop is the blue box and I am the red box, the arrows indicate direction of travel.

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    good save! and i think ur now a zombie lol

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    Yep, nice K save. I had one almost 3 miles coming up I-75 by Monroe last month. Gotta love the V1

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    wait till you see a I/O 35.5 Ka, I guarantee you'll crap your pants



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