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    Default changing my postion of my v1

    right know i try it below tint and behind tint know iam going to try in in the middle just either uner the rvm or to the left side what do you guys think, didnt really like how it perfrom up there

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    From what I've heard, tint will not hurt radar detection but will significantly affect laser detection. Accroding to Mike V, just a clear windshield cuts laser detection by 25%.

    Ask Mike - Report #2

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    "Mounting high behind the tint band may reduce the laser signal somewhat, but it reduces the sunlight contamination by the same amount. The result is an unchanged laser-to-sunlight ratio from the scene beyond your vehicle, but with reduced hood reflections owing to a higher vantage pointa net gain. Only in the dead of night would a just-below-the-tint-band mounting position be beneficial."

    Laser How-To

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    ur rele not gonna gain like that much..maybe from being mounted low on your windsheild to as high as possible u could gain an of say radar over a hill and pick the signal up a second earlier..but in real life i dont think it makes THAT big of a dif..if its mounted high then good but moving an inch or so higher in the tint..ehh idk



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