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    Default DEADLY KA Encounter


    SO I drive home from Athens to Columbus to visit family for the fourth of July. Down here not that many cops run instant on so after lunch today I went for a little cruise with my newly hardwired V1.

    While going around a corner at ~ 20 above PSL, I see the nose of a cop coming opposite direction. I brake hard, and V1 screams. It's KA, of course - that's all they run here. No Laser, No X, and very little K...if any.

    Funny thing is, I don't think V1 even ramped up all the way with a head on encounter. V1 is brand new, V 3.864. POP Off, X Off, no automuting whatsover. V1 Mounted high above RVM. You can see pics of it's mount location in other threads.

    The LEO speeds up, I figure he's going for next turnaround so I stomp the gas and take next exit and dive into a neighborhood. Who knows whether I would've been ticketed or not..but I was definitely wayyy above PSL.

    I'm really starting to wonder if something is wrong with my Valentine. I've gotten better performance from a Bel 935 years ago than this. I have yet to see any detection >1 mile, and only seen range like that once... (LEO running C/O K Band traveling opposite direction on a straightaway...though I did pick him up initially over a very slight hill.

    What do you guys think? Perhaps it was Instant on? Just seems so unlikely...the LEO would've had to have been driving with his hand on the switch to nail me when he did...They aren't too tough on speeders around here so I really don't think thats the case. I don't know though.

    Below you can see a picture. RED is LEO. Green is ME. The locations are approximate, but that was definitely the corner I encountered him in. There are 2 lanes of travel in each direction with a grassy median in between. Nothing should've obstructed this detection... granted the KA in the trees can be difficult but I should've had at least a second or two to brake with the V1.


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    i'd have to say that was I/O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxygen View Post
    i'd have to say that was I/O
    it sounds like it.

    2 nights ago I was doing 60 on 40 with 2 cars ahead of me, about 50 feet or so, out of nowhere my V1 detects lazer hit, 2 second long, then a second one, a bit longer.. by that time I am doing the PSL, then I get the 3rd hit, within seconds the LEO comes out of nowhere pulling over the first guy that was on the right lane.
    My V1 picked up all 3 hits... just amazing.

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    No doubt IO, but how high did it ramp up is the question....should have lit up like a pinball machine....

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    Yea definitely sounds like instant on. And believe me, apparently it is really easy to drive and shoot radar at the same time because they do it all the time where i live.

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    Moving I/O no doubt.



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