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    Default One really cool advantage to high mount and hardwire

    I've noticed something really cool about the high mounting/hardwiring of the v1 as far as rabbits go.

    I've always had it mounted high above the RVM, but before i had the very ugly spiral cord hanging down the center of the cabin and plugged into the cigarette lighter. I don't have my windows tinted at all, as I believe that has helped me catch some lucky breaks as far as ticketing...police hate tinted windows in my area.

    So, motorists would get behind me and see this big spiral cord hanging down. They couldn't see the detector itself because its mounted so high, but I think they suspected it was 'a really expensive radar thingy'. Even at a moderate speed like +10 PSL, I'd have like 8 or 9 cars behind me. No one would pass! People would drive up to me like they were going to pass, then realize that everyone else was following me! they'd fall to the back of the line and join the caravan. Annoying! I need rabbits!

    With the hardwire though, no one notices the V1 mounted up there. The way the mustang is designed, you would have to be sitting LOWER than I am to be able to see it from behind - and you'd really have to know it was there to have a shot at spotting it. I've been crusing at +10 PSL and people blow by me, with onyl 1 or 2 people using ME as THEIR rabbit (or perhaps they aren't comfortable exceeding PSL by more than 10. Here 10 MPH is the maximum you can exceed PSL without getting a ticket.).

    Either way, my supply of rabbits has increased 234235%. I'm very happy with the high mount/ hardwire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cauhauna View Post
    my supply of rabbits has increased 234235%.
    That's quite an increase!

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    Quote Originally Posted by djrams80 View Post
    That's quite an increase!
    Yea, but he rounded down from 234235.3.



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