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    Default LASER U-Turn By LEO

    Earlier tonight I was doing about 65 in a 45mph zone. I already cruised down this road before and I knew that their wouldn't be any cops around to clock me. Atleast that what I thought. So while I was cruising I noticed a LEO coming in the opposite direction so I adjusted my speed from 65 to 45 in a quick second by switching to 2nd gear (Automatic Transmission). But I also observed something I've never happended to me before. While I was looking in my Rear View Mirror, I noticed that the LEO coming in the oncoming direction took a u-turn and followed me. I was pretty shocked that he did that. But then again you always have to expect the unexpectable from these nasty LEOs. So I was doing the 45mph speed the whole time. Then I get a LASER alert from my V1. You know how beserk the LASER alert is on the V1. Screaming at me to slow the f*ck down. But whats funny about that laser alert is that the LASER alert had a directional arrow pointing forward. I don't know if that V1 just spazzed out for a second or if there was an Infiiniti in the oncoming traffic. But all I know is that you need to be completely aware of your surroundings. Don't completely rely on your RD to be your guide to the road.

    But I could care less if the V1 alerted me to a LASER alert to an Infiniti or a LEO. But all I know is that the V1 has made me much more of an alert driver on the road. I really don't know if it saved me this time. But what I do know is that it has been doing its job since Feb this year. And I couldn't ask for any other detector.
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    I doubt that it would be the LEO causing the laser alert; a trained leo should know that laser can only be used to obtain a speed reading while he is stationary. The false alert could have been triggered by a number of things, including some neon signs or brake lights of certain vehicles. Also the directional arrow indicates that it was not the LEO.

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    Or the guy behind you may have only been the chase car for astationary laser up in front of you, who was calling the shots. We see that a lot here in my area.

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    now thats stealth..u-turn leo and another one lasers u ahead...the second that happens the lights go on and ur pulled over



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