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    Default What are they running?

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    The last few weeks I've seen a few MA state police cars parked back facing traffic hidden off in the weeds, I know they aren't running Ka, K, or I/O with either, but I have X turned off on my V1, I assumed no one was running it, anyone know if the MA SP still have some X band guns? Also I haven't been able to get a good look inside the car, so is there a chance they are shooting laser off the mirror or out the rear window? I sort of doubt that since I went by one of these cruisers at 85 in a 65 and didn't get a laser alert (or pulled over). It seems to me they are either running X, just observing traffic (would seem odd, since they look like they are in position to check speed), or shooting laser at cars from out the rear window, off the mirror, or out the windshield at the back of cars after they go by. Any ideas?
    Maybe those are the chase cars and you missed the laser operator somewhere.

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    They're probably just there to get people to slow down, or to catch up on some paperwork, or wait for a call, or something like that.

    In the (infrequent) instances I drive in MA (especially the Mass Pike), I'll see LEOs parked in the median appearing to be doing nothing. They're too far off the road to run laser effectively, they aren't running radar, and they don't appear to be doing much of anything else either.

    If they were running X band you'd see a large radar antenna in/on the cruiser. They aren't compact little things like Ka antennas. Plus someone on here would be posting that they saw X band being used by MASP, and I haven't seen any posts like that.
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