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    Default Suggestions for setting up a V1

    Been away for a while, but I need a bit of assistance.

    The V1 is not mine, on loan so to speak.

    It's in L mode now.
    I haven't had any chance to do anything other than plug it in and hide the wire. The big white truck left it at 4.

    I'm going from Atlanta to Maine via 85-77-81-64-495-95.
    I'll take it down in VA - what's the fine there anyway?

    What's the best set up in terms of mode etc. I have it up high with the very nice suction cup mount (the STI is a bit heavy for it's mount, fell on me once). I know I'm favoring radar over Laser with having it up high.

    I did this trip 2 years ago w/ the STI (1 VA save), but after sitting on my desk for 5 months, it's be reassigned duty in France.

    I have Trapster on my Black Berry, so I'll report on that as well.

    Thanks in advance - BTW I'm heading out in about 9 hours!!

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    VA - 100 dollar fine so just cruise at the speed limit thru VA and dont run your v1 becuase VSP can pick it up...i cant tell u that maine uses 34.7 Stalker DSR 2x radar units (most advanced on the market IMO) but thats just maine..check out here



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