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    Default craziest night ever for radar/lidar

    I'm driving down the freeway in my city and my g/f (whom got a speeding ticket earlier this evening) warned me of lidar/photo radar/ghost cars being used in the area that I was in. I thought to myself, that the CPS will likely be doing their usual photo radar vans parked on one side of the freeway. Interestingly enough just as I though to myself that *maybe* there would be the one van on the northbound lane that my V1 started squawking and the bogey counter jumped from 1 to 2. I though hmmm 2 photo vans are possible and just as I got off the onramp to the freeway I saw the 2 photo vans but then my bogey counter jumped to 3 then 4 Ka signals! Thinking that perhaps I'm experiencing a ghosting issue or perhaps a malfunction I carefully proceeded to drive 5km/h under the PSL (construction zones). The photo radar vans were a clear giveaway but as I kept driving the V1 kept a positive lock in the forward direction of 2 Ka signals. Thinking that maybe another photo radar van was up ahead I kept driving keeping my eyes peeled and kept a close watch on the signal strength meter. The Ka signals kept jumping to high then low then high then low. Clear signs of instant on. I proceeded to speed up after the construction zone and followed the Ka signal as best as my little car could go. Turns out that about 1km ahead of me that there was not 1 but 2 dodge charger ghost patrol cars using instant on Ka to snag speeders on the freeway.

    All I can say is thank V1 for its bogey counter and direction arrows. I thought that bogey counters would be a nice feature but something that I could live without but tonight proved me wrong! Had I not known that there were multiple signals going on behind me and in front of me I would've for sure been nailed by the patrol cars.

    Sneaky cops.... they even shut the lights off on the freeway in lieu of the road construction making identifying the ghost cars from a distance pretty much impossible.

    I don't EVER regret purchasing my V1's.

    Also to put the cherry on my day for sniffing out speed enforcers I even took the liberty of driving down the road that my g/f got snagged by lidar and the funny thing was that even though I didn't quite know where the lidar was the ghost car parked in the parking lot where they were shooting lidar left their Ka radar on giving me over 1km warning of where they were hiding.... I caught them long before they even had a chance to tag me....

    Kudos to the Valentine Research and their kick ass V1!

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    V1 is a beast, period.
    I kind of wanted to get one for a while to test it out, but never got around doing it.
    A month ago I said what the hell, if I dont like it I can probably sell it and get some of my money back, so I bought one.
    It took less than a week and I was done with the other detectors I was using for 8+ years.
    I never looked back.

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    submit the story to V1!!

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    Thumbs up

    Great story! V1 rocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonzsoul View Post
    submit the story to V1!!
    yes get the vest!!!

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    Default V1 and the best saves ever

    The story has been submitted as per the recommendations of you guys here!

    Maybe I'll get the vest. I actually wanted the V1 keychain they offered a few years ago but apparently its no longer available.

    Oh well, vest is better than nothing!



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