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    Default Saved by the Arrows!

    Man, this really makes me want to get an in car video camera. I'll put that on the list right behind an LI/LPP (still debating).

    Today I was on my way home from Florida, and I hopped on I-10. Immediately I get a KA alert, and way up ahead I see someone pulled over at the top of the ramp.

    The V1 Never went to max alert until AFTER I passed him, as the front antenna on the car was on and almost in the bumper of the vehicle stopped. After I passed, V1 was on full blast. I slowly eased into the throttle, and by the time he was no longer visible and had only 1 or 2 LEDs lit on my V1, I was at about 20 over PSL.

    Then the Bogey Lock tone comes on, counter showing 2. The forward arrow lights up and flashes, indicating the stronger threat. It ramps up slowly, I get legal, and 10 seconds later an LEO running C/O comes over the hill, opposite direction. Amazing!

    Any other detector and I would've been confused, thinking perhaps the LEO behind me was finished with his customer and was coming up behind me, causing the signal to be stronger. Clearly not the case.

    I've had several saves with the V1, but this is by far the coolest. I can't believe the arrows actually saved me - I just thought they were really fun and convenient.

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    I've been saved a few times by the arrows. They are indeed very helpful. Mike V. really had a good idea when he made this thing.

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    somtimes the arrows, makes me want to touch myself
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    Quote Originally Posted by fusion2007 View Post
    somtimes the arrows, makes me want to touch myself
    done that already

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    they are a turn on arent they



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