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    Default Wow I'm #3 in google

    If you google Valentine one. It pulls my video up in the #3 spot. LOL

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    Now that Google owns YouTube, I would imagine that a video with 24K views, and hence page views, would be sitting pretty. Especially if the page clicks remain constant throughout its longevity. Its nearly out of its 'sandbox' at a year online.

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    Wow thats you?! Nice! I was just looking into radar detectors searching the vids on youtube.. saw yours and was likE WOW! HOLLY SMOKES! That sold me into getting one and helped sell me on a v1 too). In a couple months I'll be putting the order in when I get the money! Good video!

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    Thats funny... if you google SABRE RED , my pepper spray video comes up at the #3 spot also. it gets over a 100 hits a day though. I never leave home without it



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