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    Default ( Newbie V1 user need your help )

    Guys, I have been reading on this forum about the different software versions that are currently out there. Before I buy a V1, I want to know some basics.

    *First is there a difference in the face/display of the V1 from 1.7 to 1.8?
    I want to see which band is alerting me

    *Secondly how is 1.7 vs the latest firmware in performance? Here in NC, there is no POP and not much laser either.

    *lastly, if I don't buy a 1.7 should I go straight for the latest firmware which I think is 1.9 or POP2?

    Thanks in Advance guys, I need your help

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    The latest hardware is the V1.8, and the latest firmware version is currently 3.825 I believe.

    I would just buy a new one from Valentine. Don't mess around with Ebay. You'll have the warranty and everything if you buy from Valentine. Don't mess around with the 1.7's. Besides, the 1.8's have the bigger laser lens for superior laser detection.

    If you'd rather not spend that much, buy a new X50 from Roy (owner of this forum @

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    Having owned both a 1.7 and a 1.8 V1 here's my observations:

    1.8 is a slightly thinner and lighter case than 1.7.

    1.8 has improved laser performance over 1.7. Laser sensors are in different locations on each.

    Both 1.7 and 1.8 have the band indicator LEDs.

    My 1.7 tended to false more on Ka and laser than my 1.8, but only by a small margin.

    Newer 1.8 models add POP mode and Euro mode. 1.8 also adds optional Ku detection which the 1.7 lacked.

    You can't buy 1.7 V1s new. Only the latest version is available from VR. Like Arvetus said, ordering direct from VR is the way to go, since you'll get the warranty and upgrades.
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    Don't forget that you can save $40 if you are willing to get a returned unit from VR instead of a completely new one. These are just detectors that came back from someone's 30 day trial period, and are backed by VR exactly the same as when you pay full-price.

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    Whichever V1 version you chose, since your a bike rider I'd recommend the Remote Audio Adapter. See below - description from the VR site:

    "Motorcyclist? Headphone user?

    Here's a way to move V1's audio warnings anywhere you want them. Compact module has a speaker and two headphone jacks (one mini, 3.5mm; and one micro, 2.5mm). You also get remote control of all Control Knob and Lever functions including mute and computer modes; handy when you've mounted V1 out of reach. Connects with standard V1 power cords.

    Compact case measures 0.9-in. H x 2.5-in. W x 1.6-in. D.

    Remote Audio Adapter
    Item 20200"



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