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    Default Just got repaired unit back with 3.813 (?)

    hi... thanks to all on this board for great information (i've been reading for a while and this is my first post)...

    last week i sent my V1 in for repair (the laser indication kept going off) and asked them to 'tune it up' (never done before and it seemed to have lost sensitivity)... called this morning and they confirmed that they sent the unit back, having replaced the laser board and 'tuned it up'

    of course as soon as i hung up FedEx was at the door... i plugged the unit in and it shows firmware 3.813... this seems well old...

    is this usual? should i have specifically asked for a firmware upgrade?


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    Default Re: Just got repaired unit back with 3.813 (?)

    is that the same version you had before?

    if all you did was send it in for a tune all they will do is check to see its working good and if not they will calibrate it etc.

    they will not update the firmware unless you do the upgrade which you can find the price on how much that will run you by going to their site and putting in your serial number then it will tell you how much it will cost for the upgrade.

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    Default Re: Just got repaired unit back with 3.813 (?)

    just asked for a tune... didn't pay for an upgrade (they said the POP wouldn't be useful for me here in CA)... so the same firmware makes sense...

    (now i have to figure out if i do want the later firmware/features)

    many thanks!

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    Default Re: Just got repaired unit back with 3.813 (?)

    Stick with the 3.813. I'm looking for one atm.. sortof.



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