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    Default Is This Sensitive Enough?

    Today was the first test for my newly-repaired V1. As I'm coming down the freeway, I start picking up little blips of Ka ahead. So I slow down and start trying to spot the CHP, but couldn't see anything. Then, just as I'm emerging from an underpass, I see a CHP cruiser flying down the on-ramp, disco lights ablaze. He roars off ahead and pulls over a silver SLK.

    How's that for sensitive? It picked up Ka from underneath an underpass while the cop was up on top!

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    Default Re: Is This Sensitive Enough?

    Well, it sounds like your newly repaired V1 is performing like it should!

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    Default Re: Is This Sensitive Enough? is working great!!

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    Default Re: Is This Sensitive Enough?

    Weren't naysayers saying that the forward facing radar testing performed at GOL 2008 was unrealistic. From your description, I think that testing was a fair simulation of the scenario you just faced and conquered using your ultra sensitive V1.



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