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    Default Power cord poping fuses

    A few weeks ago my v1 wouldnt turn on at all so i checked the fuse it the plug in , sure enough it was poped. I went out and bought a pack of 5 of 2a fuses replaced it, pluged it in and turned on. The V1 turned on for a couple seconds then shut off. I checked the fuse again, poped. I did that 4 times and all the same result. Any one have any idea what could be causing this besides a bad power cord or v1 went bad?

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    Default Re: Power cord poping fuses

    You have a short somewhere. Try a different cord.

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    Default Re: Power cord poping fuses

    My buddy had the same problem with his V1.He replaced the cord and has never had any problems.So you may want to get a new cord.



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