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    Default V1 Not secure enough on the mount?

    I tried to search for mounting issues but I couldn't really come up with an exact answer. I didn't have a problem when I first had it, or maybe it's just normal. I have the sunction windshield mount. I had always though when you slide the v1 in, it starts clicking (mount actually clips to the v1 itself), then it rests on the windshield. The v1 should not be able to pull out easily/if not even at all without pressing on the mount down on top? Cause mine's I hear clicking but I can slide it in and out with no problem it's not staying put. I noticed it did this after I was in the heat for some reason anybody know a solution to fix this or having problems, or is this normal?

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    Default Re: V1 Not secure enough on the mount?

    The V1 should NOT be able to pull backwards easily.

    First, I would just slowly squeeze the mount together without the V1 in it. Similar to the way you would curve the bill of a hat.

    Sounds stupid, but make sure there is nothing touching the top of the mount. This can be problematic when mounted high. Sometimes the headliner can push the clip on top, loosening it.

    If none of this works, check your V1 to make sure the notches are not stripped. If not, I'd just order a new mount:

    Visor Mount
    Item 20308



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