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    Default Euro Mode Vs L ( small ) ... no difference

    Hello Guys

    I have made few tests today , after having doubt about u (euro mode)

    I have noticed that there is no difference at all

    The radar made tests on are multanova box

    frequency 34.266 , checked by escort 9500i detector

    the distance are the same euro mode and small L

    any explenation guys ?

    I have valentine 3.864 and I think 34.266 should be covered in euro mode

    ================================================== ====

    Valentine One Frequency Coverage
    Valid for 3.861 and higher

    Frequency Coverage in EURO mode:
    34.60 GHz +-40 MHz [34.56 - 34.64 GHz]
    34.30 GHz +-140 MHz [34.16 - 34.44 GHz]
    34.00 GHz +-40 MHz [33.96 - 34.04 GHz]
    33.80 GHz +-100 MHz [33.70 - 33.90 GHz]

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    Default Re: Euro Mode Vs L ( small ) ... no difference

    I've found the V1 to be provide very similar detection range against the Multanova 6F in both Euro and wideband modes.

    Euro mode is supposed to increase the sensitivity of covered frequencies but it seems that in many scenarios, the increased sensitivity does not equate to increased detection range - this is most likely because the V1 is sensitive enough in both Euro and Wideband mode to detect Multanova radar scatter, so it is more of a question of when you enter the 'scatter / radar zone' as to how much range you will get rather than what mode your detector is in.

    If it were a straight line, no traffic test, Euro mode would certainly yield better results against the Multanova than wideband mode but it appears that traffic and other factors play a great role. (EG: car drives past, reflects signal onto detector - V1 will alert regardless of mode)

    What sort of range did you get?
    Was the camera forward facing? (standard setup facing front of oncoming car)
    Or rear facing? (shooting at the rear of your car as you drive past)



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