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    Default stationary Multanova 6 and mobile multanova 6 fm

    guys why i feel mobiel multanova 6 fm is always harder to detect ?

    yesterdady i found mobile multanova and my V1 detect only after 150 meters

    and front shoting not rear !

    I tried to turn back to it again and tested , i hold v1 by hand and point to it

    at 200 meters , no ramp , i came closer and closer and when i reached 150 it

    detecte again... i have tried to hold it verticaly just to increae the distance

    but no point

    with stationary Multanova 6 i dont have problem , sometimes i detect them

    from 1 mile , sometimes half mile sometimes qurater miles but ot less

    any idea guys

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    Default Re: stationary Multanova 6 and mobile multanova 6 fm

    • Very low power output (adjustable from 0.2 to 0.5mw)
    • Try setting the V1 to euro mode
    • Try setting the V1 vertically (on it's side)
    • Check your front windscreen does not have metallic tint



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