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    Default Great trip but a few questions

    Hey all,

    I went up to Syracuse for the NY Fair this weekend, and it was definitely one of the first times I feel like the V1 really "saved" me, and it did so probably 5 times between the round trip. Go Mike Valentine, and lazy constant-on NY Troopers!

    However, there were a few times I got really weird reactions from the detector.

    1. Ka-alert went off twice, which I assume was ghosting. However, after I passed the cop, the arrows were split, with 1 forward and 1 rear. At first I thought they had a trap set up, but a few miles went past with no sign of a cop ahead.... Can the ghosting issue cause inconsistancy with the arrows?

    2. As I passed a Chevy Impala LT, I got a radar alert, about 4-5 bars. I can't remember the band, unfortunately - but any ideas? Maybe she had a crappy detector?? It kept it up until she was ahead of me again.

    3. A Jeep Cherokee's turn signal caused the car to alert, but a radar alert (If it was an LED I could explain away a laser alert).

    I will add to this (in case it helps) that on a trip from SC when the until was only a month or so old, I was getting a lot of false Ka readings, 1-bar alerts periodically, but never passing a trooper, and sometimes they'd come from behind.

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    Default Re: Great trip but a few questions

    As for number 1 on the list, I would guess it was radar bouncing off stuff and reflecting back at the front of the detector and confused it for a sec. What was around you?



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