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    Default Does the V1 Detect Atlanta Stealth Mode?

    With all the talk about the Blinder not jamming the Stealth Mode on Laser Atlanta Speed Laser, does the V1 detect this mode?

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    From what I've heard, the V1 is the *only* detector that detects LA stealth mode.
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    jtw did a test and yes it does detect stealth mode!

    pretty funny aswell because i noticed on the test that the rear laser sensor detected it and it lit the rear arrow up yet the laser was shon at the front of the v1!

    the v1 even went off then it was first fired at the escort!

    it just shows how sensitive the v1 is to laser!

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    The V1 is amazing with laser... Has saved my bacon a couple of times picking up scatter from cars in front of me. Just saved my wife on a trip back east where OH LEO's were tagging cars... That one she was saved by laser shield and the V1. If your quick you can out-brake the LEO before he can get a lock if you have laser shield, Veil, and of course a V1.

    If I owned another RD I think I would be very concerned about laser. The performance is so sketchy with the other detectors on laser that I would have to say either get a Lidatek(which is very good at picking up laser as well), or get a V1 to augment the other detector. Other detectors may offer good RD performance, but with laser they really appear to be weak.

    If you live in an area where laser is used or you drive through areas that laser is used then a V1 is a must IMHO.

    Now back to the question :




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