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    Default working on compiling my setup

    I believe im going to get a valentine 1, but i have a few questions

    i heard it kicks out a lot of false positives, but i also heard there is a way to tune it to where you can avoid these false positives

    i see a lot of people mentioning their setups has high stealth mount....not really sure what this is but i know i have always heard the higher the device the better the range...which i know the earlier the detection the better....also i think this would be cool to be stealthy, lol

    also i see a lot of people on ebay posting questions asking for the serial numbers of the units whats this about??

    thanks to all who reply
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    Default Re: working on compiling my setup

    higher is better...hardwired to be showing wires and u will have better range..on ebay people want serial numbers because they want to call up Valentine Research and see if that v1 is reported stolen or not...also yes u can make ur v1 less chatty by turning off fact u should turn off pop, depending on where u live u can turn off X band, and if u want more even mute rear K band to a certain still will always pick up falses because thats how sensitive it is to be able to picl up a leo shootin i/o 2 miles away on an open stretch of road

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    Default Re: working on compiling my setup

    Quote Originally Posted by decadude View Post
    i heard it kicks out a lot of false positives, but i also heard there is a way to tune it to where you can avoid these false positives
    False alerts are only a significant factor in city driving. It is the automatic door openers and neon signs in an urban environment that cause 99 percent of the problem. A lot of us don't speed on city streets, so we don't even bother with the RD except on the highways. If that is your case, then there is no reason to do anything to tune your V1. If you are a maniac on city streets, then there are three different mode settings for the V1 that you can use, each offering a varying level of filtering on your alerts, making it quieter in the city. You can also go into advanced programming mode (which is not in the manual, but is described here in the forum) and literally turn off the radar bands that are not used in your area. Many areas do not use X band or POP. If you turn those off, it definitely quiets your RD down a great deal, and may even improve performance on the remaining bands. But you have to be 110 percent sure those bands are absolutely not used in your area by ANY cops, or you're screwing yourself just to hear a few less beeps each day. Most of us really don't care that much about false alerts. You adapt to them and begin to find them useful in helping you gauge the performance of your V1, and in strengthening your ability to identify threats.

    High mounting is definitely the way to go. Better distance. Harder for cops to see (so long as you use a remote display at night). Harder for thieves to see. And most importantly, less exposure to direct sunlight, which can cook your circuits. Any one of those reasons is reason enough to not stick it in the middle of your windshield, or on the dashboard. All of them together make it a no-brainer.

    Knowing the serial number is really only a factor when buying used. It allows you to determine the age of the detector, and which version of software it has. Since all V1s look alike, it is sometimes hard to tell that you have been sold a really outdated RD. To get a used V1 updated to the latest standards by the factory costs $140 bucks, so factor that into your cost if you think of buying a used one. All of a sudden, two hundred bucks ain't such a great deal after all.

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