I was hoping that at this point of time, the advance programing instructions could have been working as described in VR's website but unfurtunately, it still isn't. I'm trying to program it to were it would give me automuting in K band. Before sending my V1 to VR this week, i thought of borrowing my friends V1 with the same firmware 3.825 and try his with the following setting - Advance Logic mode, # 7 down, E down and F down. This is what i did to test it.

Went to wally world(walmart) tonight and tried it first in A mode. Got close to the auto door opener and K band alert went off like crazy. Went away far enough to get no signal and switched it to big L (advance logic mode). Got close to the automatic door opener and like RacerX described in his video, it muted the sound based on muted volume lever for 30 sec. but in the 3.825, you can see the signal strength go full strength as i got closer. I did my test before with mine and it did not automute on mine. So i went far enough to have no signal and did another pass. This time, it did not auto mute, audio was loud per setting. I did this 3 times total and it only muted it with the first one just after switching from A mode to big L mode. Well, i wasn't sure if there was an auto setting time for it so i drove around where i knew there was no K band signal for 5 min. and went back to wally world. Again, there was no automute for 30 sec, and audio went off at even 1-2 LED signal strength. I'm just very disappointed on how this thing works. I spoke to michael at VR the other day and he explained it like what RacerX said that in little L mode, you hear the audio and in big L, it is muted for 30 sec.

Can you V1 owners with 3.825 firmware do this test with V1 the set with program # 7 Down, Program E down and program F down set it in advance logic mode and go close to a store equipped with K band alert. Do start first with A mode by passing through the K band source and switched to advance logic mode.

Question needed to be answered with 3.825 version.

Does your V1 unmute the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pass you made after you did your first pass?

Does your signal strength go off when you did the first pass in advance logic mode?

It just seems like the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and i hope they straighten it out.