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    Default rear laser fault when CB is activated

    Hoping someone here who is technically inclined can help me out.

    I have a v1.8 (no pop) and use it in conjunction with a radio shack CB when I'm spending alot of time on the highway. (Truckers are a great source for LEO info!). The two units are plugged into a splitter, because my car has only 1 power outlet.

    While driving last week, anytime I would activate the CB (press the mike) the V1 would alert a rear laser hit.

    Could it be a faulty mike, electrical interference in the power wire, bad antenna?


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    I'm thinking electrical interference. That CB is probably feeding-back noise which is screwing with the detector's circuitry. My recommendation would be to hard-wire the V1 or the CB to a different circuit.

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    Hardwiring the V1 is always a nice improvement compared to the dangling cord. There is a good chance it will fix your electrical interference problem. However, if it persists install a filter (consisting of a series inductor and a capacitor to ground) in the 12V wire for the V1. You can buy a filter from radio shack or make your own, but it should have both input/output (hot) wires and a ground wire, or it won't be as effective.



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