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    Default mounting V1 on a 911 Porsche


    Does any one have a best way to mount the V1 on a 911 Porsche, I mainly used the V1 on my BMW 635Csi for daily drving and have no issue to mount it ( I has wired it to the BMW), but for the weekend I use to take out my Porsche for a spin and the suction cup does not really hold really well


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    Those suction cups can initially be a PAIN IN the BUTTOCKS to stick. But once you get it on, it should be good to go. I find that if mount my bracket first above the rear view mirror, then put the V1 in, I adjust the RVM so it acts as a support until the cup sticks on its own. If the windshield is too dirty,hot or cold, it will take a while to stick.

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    give the window a good clean, wipe the area first with some window cleaner then you can do the whole window and for better results you can wipe the the detector is going to be mounted with methelated spirit to get the glass grease free!

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    Default V1 Suction Cups

    I've found that a little smear of glycerine (in the cosmetic or first aid aisle of your local pharmacy) does wonders for holding any suction cup to glass. If a good cleaning doesn't work, give it a try. You can even slide the cups around a little to adjust without breaking the seal.



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