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Thread: Hotwiring V1 ??

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    Default Hotwiring V1 ??

    Hi guys i am proud to say that i have my first V1.
    Have been out to try it a bit and noticed that its extreme sensitive in the city or close to shoping locations ,otherwise havent picked anything yet on the motorway.
    Anyway im gettin ready to hardwaire V1 and need some help. I think ive found the bolt many metion that the negative should be attached on the car metal, but im not 100% sure any help apreciated have a look at the pics included.
    By the way which fuse should i tamper from - im going to use a 1 in 2 fuse and yes i have the concealed display..
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    Default Re: Hotwiring V1 ??

    PM ing u...



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