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    Default Windshield heater interference?

    I just read on valentine's website that certain windshield heaters will greatly reduce the range of the V1. They cited Ford cars as a example. Any one have any experience with this?

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    Default Re: Windshield heater interference?

    Not necessarily experience, but its a type of windshield that has a thin metal film inside of it to heat the glass internally to defrost it and it blocks radar because its metallic. There arent a WHOLE lot of cars that have it, but it is still out there on certain models.

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    Default Re: Windshield heater interference?

    Right, it refers to what they called the InstaClear system which basically was a metallic windshield that could be used as a heater element to clear ice. It's not really used anymore; it seems like OEM's like to use the new HotShot heated washer fluid system on luxury cars where such a feature is deemed necessary.

    In general radar-blocking windshield treatments are pretty easy to identify; there's an unmistakable metallic coloration to the entire windshield particularly apparent under direct sunlight.



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