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    Default Newbie with a V1

    I just picked up a 6 month old used V! and just wanted to know what setting (A,L or little L) is most commonly used. I drive an '07 Mustang GT, mostly around town but also do some highway driving. Any help would be appreciated as the owners manual does not seem to provide a lot of info.


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    Most run A mode but depending on how many K band falses in your area from automatic doors you may want to set up 30 second automute and run Little L mode around town.

    K Band Automute settings WalkThrough for Newbies

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    Default Re: Newbie with a V1

    I am a relative newbie to to V1, been running my new one for a little over a week. My experience is A on the highway and little L around town. Automute 30 seconds is a good option, but I prefer to get all the K band alerts since the two main LEO divisions I drive through use K.

    Depending on who you bought it from, you might want to go through the programming mode anyway, just to make sure that all of your bands are on, and if any of the settings have been altered.



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