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    Default Austin, Texas residents

    Who here's from Austin. Coming from Memphis, Tenn.

    1. Decent neighborhoods and apartment complexes? On the hunt for a place.

    2. What kind of radars are used around the area?

    3. Places to eat, things to do?

    4. Any recommendations for modifying my Valentine for this trip?

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    Default Re: Austin, Texas residents

    I live in Austin.

    1. Where are you planning to stay around? Downtown? North Austin? Pflugerville?
    2. DPS uses mostly 34.7 KA and rarely 35.5 KA to get the general speed but they generally use laser.
    3. 6th street, lotsa bars down there? And Chuy's for tex mex food (dunno if there is a Chuy's anywhere beside austin)
    4. *shrugs*

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    Default Re: Austin, Texas residents

    I know this is totally unnecessary, but there are Chuy's locations in Houston.

    Secondly, I have never ever seen DPS use 35.5.



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