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    Default Ka Alert, J Out, Then Another Ka Alert

    Earlier tonight I was driving on the FL Turnpike and I got a Ka alert from behind. It went up to 6 bars then it J'd out. I thought I was good to go since it J'd out. But then right after I got another sudden Ka alert that lasted for about 10 seconds. The V1 picked up 1 Bogey then it picked up 2 Bogeys. I was going at about 90 mph. I'm really don't know whether a cop was running radar or if I was picking up some Ka from another RD. I have a feeling that the V1 was just picking up some other RD. But I don't know.

    Something funny, I got a LASER alert about 5 mins before I had the Ka alerts. I was looking out for an Infiniti instead of a LEO. Lol.
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    Default Re: Ka Alert, J Out, Then Another Ka Alert

    If you are out of state, and you roll through one of those paypass things on the turnpike without paying the toll, is that an automatic ticket?
    If it is, since I am out of state, can they do anything about it?
    I heard you get 3 chances before you get a fine.



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