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    Default Restore to Factory Default & Connecticut Question

    I just purchased a used V1 and want to know if there is an easy way to restore the unit back to the original factory setings? Also should I turn off X as I seem to get a lot of alerts, I believe most are from the rear. Any help is always greatly appreciated.

    ****I have no idea what bands are used in Connecticut so help on what to add/delete would be VERY helpful as well***********

    Happy New Year !!!!
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    Default Re: Restore to Factory Default
    Connecticut (thanks hockey005, Monolith, Mthman30, StlouisX50)

    Columbia: Laser
    Durham: Laser
    East Mountain: Laser
    Enfield: Lidar & Illegal Cell Phone Use
    Fairfield County - Police Depts: Ka moving, non-radar photo speed signs
    Greenwich: KA band
    Milford: KA, K band, X band speed signs
    New Haven City: Laser (Pro Laser III)
    New Haven County - State Troopers: Laser
    Old Saybrook: Laser
    Orange: KA, K band, KA band speed signs
    State police: K, LTI TruSpeed (updated 07/25/2008)
    State Police: (rte 2 to 2A, Hartford County): Laser (Ultralyte, Stalker LZ1), Pacing
    happy new year to you too!

    edit: here is info on programming:
    I believe it is just taken from Mike V's website.
    yep, taken from here
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    Default Re: Restore to Factory Default

    No way to reset to default without doing it manually. Its really not that hard to program a V1, but it does take time to fully understand the settings. I just always run in A mode with X off.

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    Default Re: Restore to Factory Default

    If you want factory default settings,go into programming mode and change arrows UP on ALL menu options.



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