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    Hello All,

    I owned all the last 3 versions of V1 (3.864 > 3.871 > 3.872). There is a place I can trade for a really symbolic price here

    AFAIK VR do not publish the essence of the upgrades and updates between one version to another. Is it true or is there some reference where I can check the updates done between the different versions?

    Thank you,

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    Default Re: V1 Versions & Release Notes

    They don't publish release notes

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Valentine
    I'm also not going to make it easy to reverse engineer our trade secrets by publishing "release notes" for every minute variation of software. The V1 is not a computer and there are many delicate interactions between the software and the microwave receiving components. Detailed release notes might entertain a few bleeding edge consumers but it could also lead to giving away an important amount of manufacturing "black magic" that is contained in every V1. People that insist that we're hiding information from them only have our competitors' interests at heart. Truly important changes in the V1 are available in the "Upgrades" section of our web site.



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