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    Wink YTCD runs a V1 for the night in VA! Insane night, around 30 contacts!

    Hey guys this past night I ran a Valentine One that is my friends and is the most recent model to date. Here is the night

    First we went to the car show, and my buddy had his V1 in his car and was running it while Im working on driving with out a RD and being good at it so I ran nothing in the denali. After that we ran around 110 on the interstate too our personal Drift, Autocross, Drag, and just fun track with my buddy still running the V1 and he had a saturn and he was last car so it was kinda stupid as I was leading the pack of cars in the denali doing 110 with no detector but we had no encounters. We went to our spot and stayed their for a while until around 12 am. After that we headed back to our home county. Second I'd like to say I really miss the denali and I have a story about that night coming later. Should have never sold it but hey I still get to drive it so what the heck.

    Well I contact my friend on the phone and im leading the pack and we come around pretty much an on-ramp onto york county and I say to him, please let me know if their is a cop ahead I have a feeling. 2 seconds later I hear in the background the V1 screaming and he says contact contact. We slow down from around 15 over to psl and what do you know a cop sitting right were I'd thought he be. Were driving more and all of a sudden he gets another contact and then says its a double bogey so we slow down to only see a cruiser have somebody already pulled over, and another contact moving our way. Another save probably. We head on back to our local gas station and actually *get* hit on by a couple of girls in a RSX. We chill their for a little and we end up putting the detector in the Denali and we end up riding along side the girls in the RSX all the way to the next county and more. No contacts on the way their just by bad luck. After driving with them they split off and go home and we head on back. We have 3 contacts within the drive back to the Gas station. Actually to follow one and see him pull somebody over. The v1 is screaming at this point going crazy all over town. We head back to the gas station and are sitting their just chillen and get a contact, several minutes later we see him and he guns it around the turn at the stop light going after somebody, we get in the car and speed on up and see him turn on his lights and pull the person over. Then turn around and see him again when heading back to the gas station, we get another hit a minute later and we decide to go out again.

    We were cautious and were just crusing at this point but I was telling my buddy that the cop with no lights on top of his car but has every thing that a marked cruiser has runs C/O ka band all the time, and what do you know a minute or two later we see him screaming by. Go a little more we get 2 more contacts. Both K band.

    I mean at this time the V1 is just alerting continously, giving us a headache so we turn it down a little.

    We go out and follow this cop and he does some turns and crap so we just keep going get 1 contact but can't find him. We turn around and a minute later get a contact of k band c/o (all the new cops were out, all of them). We see him and he passes us and then about 1/8th of a mile later is the rail road tracks. I move to the side of the RR tracks because of the bump it has, which is cruicial and then cut back onto the road. Which I've done with cops behind me and never been pulled over. Well he goes all the way down to the stop light and I see him sit for like 10 seconds and then runs it, comes all the way up and catches up to us and is next to us at the light. When it turns green I hit the gas and he immediatly gets behind us and turns his lights on. We pull over and roll down the window and put the v1 away. Im wondering what he is pulling us over for, v1 maybe, I have no clue but he ends up telling us he saw us swerve at the RR tracks. He comes up I act real friendly and asks if I have my license on me. I give it to him he says so what have yall had to drink tonight and I kinda chuckle and say nothing sir, he says where are we headed from and what were doing and I start chuckling and say yall are out tonight and honestly were just following you around going on the thrill with yall seeing you guys pull people over insanely. He starts laughing (real friendly the entire time) and says yeah Im out looking for DUI's tonight thats the real reason I pulled you guys over to see if yall were drinking. And we end up talking for like 10 more minutes. He was a real cool guy and not your typical dickhead cop. After that we left and drove around some more and actually followed him a little more a couple times. Then went to the gas station and he was inside and talked to him a little more and then left. Only to see several more contacts.

    That night was fufilled with fun and excitement. York was crawling with cops, they really were out to get some people that night. This is the first run I've actually had to pilot with the V1 and it was impressive none the less. Arrows were insanely helpful and the bogey counter was sweet. I could tell if it was x, k, or ka pretty easily and we ended up getting a laser hit which we have no clue what it came from as their were no cops and not traffic around us lol. We circled a couple times trying to find what it was and nothing of a trailblazer or anything like that. Never could find it but deffinatly a false laser, from something.

    I was really impressed by the V1 and even a little bit better than I thought it was going to be even though I had high expectations! Great detector and I like it just as much as the STI for sure, though I'd have to do some extensive testing to decide which one for sure. Later guys

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    Default Re: YTCD runs a V1 for the night in VA! Insane night, around 30 contacts!

    in california... following cops is against the law, just a FYI

    please study your homonyms also. thanks.



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